Elvis Presley’s iconic visit to Lakeland

DJ, Bill, and Elvis at the Polk Theater, 1956 | Photo by Jerry Perkins courtesy Laura Milton, Polk Theater

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DYK today marks 64 years since the King of Rock ‘n Roll paid a visit to Lakeland? 🎸

Photo via Lakeland Public Library

On August 6, 1956, Elvis Presley gave what has been remembered as an iconic performance at The Polk Theatre. During the time, his song “Hound Dog” was new and trending – drawing in crowds eager (paying $1.50) to hear the hunk of burnin’ love, along with a few other artists.

After a 15-minute performance, Elvis sat in an “overheated” dressing room, chatting with a reporter about his “wigglin’ and quiverin’” + his nickname, ‘Elvis the Pelvis.’ The three-part series from TV Guide Magazine is called “He Tells How the Little Wiggle Grew.” 

Third-floor dressing room | Photo by @thelaltoday

That night, Elvis also autographed a dressing room wall, which was later damaged by flooding. The photo above is the corner of the stall where his signature was found. It has since been removed from the wall and is now being preserved for safe-keeping.


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