Answered: Here’s what you said Lakeland’s Enneagram

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Last week, we shared all of the Enneagram details with you + today, we’re ready to share the results of Lakeland’s reader-anointed Enneagram type.

As a refresher, here are the differing Enneagram types and how we think Lakeland best suits each one:

  • Type 1 – The Reformer: Ah, that perfect city silhouette, the clean layout of downtown. We’re pretty perfect, and that’s evident in our City’s flawless architecture.
  • Type 2 – The Helper: How to make a loved-one happy 101: Be their counsel as you walk around Lake Hollingsworth + then take them out for ice cream.
  • Type 3 – The Achiever: Who run the world? (Lakeland). There’s no better place to find success – from our innovative coworking space (hey there, Catapult) to our many successful businesses.
  • Type 4 – The Individualist: Calling all creatives. The City has a plethora of opportunities for artists, musicians, writers + other creative makers.
  • Type 5 – The Investigator: LAL is the perfect place to hole up in (one of the many) coffee shops around here on a rainy day with a good book from the library.
  • Type 6 – The Loyalist: We’re a city chock full of philanthropists + when folks need a hand, they know they can come to us to give support. Also, shout out to the billions of nonprofits + volunteers who make our City kinder.
  • Type 7 – There’s always an adventure right around the corner here in the 863 – it may just take a little bit of searching.
  • Type 8 – For that high-stamina + top-tier self-discipline, Lakeland has plenty of workout options, both virtual + in-person.
  • Type 9 – Harmony, balance, and our City’s nack for yoga classes, go hand-in-hand.

We received 20+ responses and one type reigned supreme.

Lakeland’s Enneagram Type

As voted by a majority of our readers, Lakeland’s Enneagram type is Type 6, the Loyalist. Here’s what some of you had to say:

  • “There’s a boomerang effect about Lakeland - once you’ve lived here, whether you grew up here or came for college or work, there’s always something pulling you back to the city. To me, that says “Loyalist” in a nutshell.” - Reader Maggie L.
  • “Lakelanders are loyal to the core and we love supporting our people and businesses.” - Reader Ashley C.
  • “I know so many service-minded individuals and groups in Lakeland! When I think “Lakeland,” I think about the love and compassion I have been blessed to see among both friends and strangers alike. It’s one of my favorite parts of living here. People really do care.” - Reader Hannah B.
  • “Lakelanders are very giving. I work at a nonprofit and we are so blessed and encouraged by our volunteers and donors.” - Reader Trish H.