Two affordable housing developments coming to Lakeland, Florida

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Swan Lake Rendering | Via Blue Sky Communities

There’s dancing in Swan Lake, and then there’s living in it. While we’ll go ahead and leave the first part up to the pros (take it away, Tchaikovsky), we will take this opportunity to share that an affordable housing development under the same name will soon be coming to North Lakeland, off Griffin Rd. Plus, a few more in the works.

The development, announced late last year, will consist of 84 units, designed for people with low-income + special needs. Construction on the development is estimated to be completed by summer 2021 and applications will be available around that time as well.

Blue Sky Communities, the same Tampa-based developer working to build Swan Lake, has also proposed another new affordable housing development called Swan Landing (sensing a theme? 🦢 ), which will also be located off of Griffin Rd., this time, within the Town & Country Plaza, that Publix resides in.

If built, the proposed development would be garden-style + have 88 units (comprising one, two + three-room bedroom options) within four, three-story buildings. The groundbreaking date, depending on state funding, would be in summer 2021.

In an effort to bring more affordable housing to Lakeland, the City of Lakeland waived $400,000+ of impact fees for Swan Lake development + has committed $460,000+ to the Swan Landing development.

But that’s not all folks. In 2019, City Commissioners pledged to have 500 new affordable housing units over the next five years. Some of these affordable housing projects have included:

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