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7 years of movement and metabolism-boosting workouts

Orangetheory Fitness Lakeland is celebrating its 7th anniversary with one free month for new members.

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Orangetheory instructor guides workout class attendee

Get moving, Lakeland.

Photo provided by Orangetheory Fitness Lakeland

If you feel stuck doing the same old workout routine day after day, we feel you. Fitness should be fun — that’s why Orangetheory Fitness Lakeland aims to stray from the status quo.

What’s different about Orangetheory? It’s a group workout class that focuses on heart rate-based interval training. Each class combines rowing, cardio + strength training exercises to boost participants’ metabolism and burn calories and fat. Think: a heart-pumping cardio + muscle-strengthening party.

Love data? Members get a special OTbeat™ Heart Rate Monitor to track their heart rate throughout class (read: real-time results and progress you can see). There’s even an app to keep track of your progress long-term.

Bonus: To celebrate its 7th anniversary, Orangtheory Fitness Lakeland is offering one month free to new members who sign up for the elite or premier membership + purchase the OTbeat™ Heart Rate Monitor. Who else is ready for a fitness class that’s actually fun?

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