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☀️ What questions do you have about going solar?

We’ve got the experts at Freedom Solar Power on call + ready to answer your solar questions.

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the side of a cabin with solar panels on top

Rising energy costs have you thinking of going solar? Ask the experts your questions before making the big decision.

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As the cost to power and cool your home continues to rise, using sun-generated power makes so much sense. Going solar means you also:

  • Make the electricity grid more resilient by diversifying energy
  • Give your home a stable + predictable energy source that additionally reduces your bill every month
  • Improve local air quality by reducing reliance on fossil fuels (which also fosters a more sustainable, self-sufficient future for us all)

Intrigued? We’re pulling in the experts to get your solar questions answered.

🙋 Ask the experts

Freedom Solar Power is on call + ready to answer your solar questions, like:

  • How much do solar panels cost — and how much will I save, really?
  • Does going solar increase the value of my home?
  • How much power do solar panels generate?
  • Are there any rebates or incentives to help me pay for solar?
  • What does your 25 year warranty cover?

Submit your questions and we’ll share Freedom Solar’s answers in a few weeks.

Ask your solar questions

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