DYK about the 1976 time capsule buried at the RP Funding Center?

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“Infinity” (by sculptor Al Kriston) | Photo via @rpfundingcenter

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DYK there’s a piece of history hidden under the ground near the RP Funding Center? Neither did we, but located under a statue near Gate 6 called “Infinity” (by sculptor Al Kriston), is a time capsule created in 1976.

The capsule burial – orchestrated by the Polk County Bicentennial Committeeis thought to include items like:

    • A baseball autographed by the 1976 Detroit Tigers
    • A map of Florida Southern College
    • A kite and string
    • Toenail clippers
    • A golf ball + tennis ball
    • A mason jar full of peppermints
    • An American + Florida flag
    • A Playboy magazine (with President Carter’s controversial interview)
    • A computer printed photo of Scott Linder
    • Some citrus seeds (in case all the trees are gone)
    • Layman’s Parallel Bible
    • A Sears catalog
    • A water gun
    • A savings passbook from the American Bank (that had $300 in it)
    • And a joint of marijuana which was included under a special dispensation from the Lakeland Police Department (LPD), with a few LPD badges thrown in for good measure.

The capsule is to be opened on July 4, 2076. You can read more about the capsule from this 1976 Ledger article.


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