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Your new head spa spot

Skin Thermea offers a fresh approach to self-care with unique, natural treatments for your hair + skin.

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Photos provided by Skin Thermea

No need to pack your bags, because this European spa experience is right here in Swan City.

Newly opened in Hollingsworth, Skin Thermea is a European-style wellness spa offering luxurious, medical-grade services designed to be as relaxing as they are effective. They’re also the first in Lakeland to offer a head spa experience.

The owner, Meg Tyner, spent most of her teens + adult life overseas and brought a slice of self-care back with her in the form of unique hair and skin treatments.

Skin Thermea’s specialty service is the lymphatic drainage and sculpting facial massage, which naturally lifts and tightens your skin without needles or lasers. They also offer a brand-new “Head spa” treatment, which acts as a facial for your scalp. Think: exfoliating, massaging, and pampering your roots to promote healthy hair growth.

The intimate space also accommodates couples and groups of up to three for facials, and more options and services are being added every month.

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