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Try This: Luxe Head Spa Treatment at Skin Thermea

Skin Thermea’s new Head Spa Treatment is like the world’s most fabulous facial — but for your hair + head.

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City Editor Connor gets a head spa hair treatment at Skin Thermea spa

You won’t find this head spa treatment anywhere else in Lakeland.

Photo by LALtoday

City Editor Connor here. Recently, after a day full of meetings around town, it was time for some serious self-care — and I knew just where to go. I booked the new Hair Spoils treatment at Skin Thermea + a facial with spa owner Meg Tyner.

Kick back, relax, and come along with me as I dive headfirst into Lakeland’s luxurious new service.

City Editor Connor gets a head spa treatment as spa owner Meg Tyner pours a rosemary hair tea from a tea pot

One of my favorite parts of the experience was when Meg poured the hair tea over my scalp — it was unbelievably refreshing.

Photo by LALtoday

What we tried:

Skin Thermea is the first spa in Lakeland to offer a head spa treatment, which includes scalp exfoliation, massage, and deep conditioning hair treatments to leave you feeling totally zen.

You know how nice it feels when a hairstylist washes your hair? Imagine that, but ten times more soothing, then add a facial and an arm + hand massage.

Visitors can choose the hour-long Hair Spoils treatment, extend it to two hours with a hair blowout, or really indulge by adding on a customized facial like I did for ultimate relaxation.

Keep reading to hear about how Meg further personalized my experience, or explore Skin Thermea’s full suite of luxe treatment options.

City Editor Connor receives a hand massage and facial from Skin Thermea owner Meg Tyner

The relaxation doesn’t stop at the scalp. Meg worked her magic on my face, arms, and hands too.

Photo by LALtoday

What not to miss:

The treatment is totally customized for your hair and skin needs. I have drier skin and thick, tangly hair, so Meg used extra hydrating products throughout the process.

The next day, I couldn’t stop showing off to my friends + asking them to touch my hair to show how soft it felt. Best of all, a full week later, my hair still looked healthier and smoother than it had in years.

A cozy chair, floor lamp, and side table with a vase of flowers at Skin Thermea

The ambience at Skin Thermea is so relaxing, you’ll never want to leave.

Photo by LALtoday

What we’re still talking about:

This was my first time at a spa, so I will admit I was a bit nervous. But Meg was extremely considerate + explained everything so I could fully relax throughout the treatment. By the end of the session, I was wishing the Hair Spoils would never end — and was already planning my return.

The interior of Skin Thermea, featuring decorative mirrors, a large vanity with a sink, and bed for treatments

Love the custom products used during your experience? You can buy them at Skin Thermea to use in between treatments.

Photo by LALtoday

How you can experience this:

Book a Hair Spoils treatment for yourself, or add to the fun by booking with a friend. Pro tip: Skin Thermea also offers many other services you can use to treat yourself from head to toe.

Things to know if you go:

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