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6 ways Publix GreenWise Market makes grocery shopping a unique experience

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Lakeland Storefront (1) copy

PGWM encourages customers to taste, sip, nibble, and indulge all the wonders that the store has to offer | Photo provided

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If you dread going grocery shopping on Sunday nights, we’ve got to let you in on a little secret: Publix GreenWise Market.

Publix GreenWise Market (PGWM) was created to be a different type of grocery store, where shoppers can discover curated products + services that can’t be found at traditional stores (like baked goods from Born & Bread Bakehouse in the Lakeland location). Here’s a peek at how each section in a PGWM helps transform the chore of grocery shopping into an actually fun experience:


Pours_05 copy

Craft beer on tap in POURS | Photo provided by Publix GreenWise Market

From locally roasted and brewed coffee, acai bowls, and seasonally-inspired brews (might we suggest a Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew?) to local craft beer + kombucha on tap, this section has a beverage for everyone. Shoppers can refuel during their weekly trip to the grocery store or take a break and relax at the bar. Bonus: PGWM carts have cup holders, so you can sip while you shop.


1659 GWM Lakeland FL Eats

Enjoy a fresh slice of pizza in the store with a beverage from the POURS bar | Photo provided by Publix GreenWise Market

Megan Byrne

Not in the mood to cook? Swing by the EATS section. Their hand-crafted, made-to-order meals are a great solution if you’re stuck in a recipe rut. Shoppers can find artisanal sandwiches (topped with meats that are smoked in-house), burrito bowls + pizza fresh out of the oven.


GW_LKLD_Care_Aisle_12 copy

PGWM features everything from plant-based baby products to organic scrubs and face masks | Photo provided

Self-care enthusiasts will be right at home in this section. CARE features a thoughtfully curated collection of specialty health + beauty brands. Find products like vitamins, lotions + aromatherapy goods that feature sustainable sourcing, are cruelty-free, or use organic or plant-based ingredients.



PGWM’s specialty sausages come in flavors like buffalo chicken and chili lime pork | Photo via PGWM Facebook

Attention grill enthusiasts: CUTS features a variety of meat raised without antibiotics or added hormones, sustainably sourced seafood, house-seasoned bacon, and fresh sausages made in-house.


Store #1659 Greenwise Lakeland Family Night. December 11, 2019. Finds chesse

Feel free to ask for a taste of a cheese that piques your interest — samples are free after all | Photo provided by Publix GreenWise Market

Bekah Stephens

Take a food tour of the world in the FINDS section. From olives and salami to cheese and wine, you can curate a custom charcuterie board with globally-inspired ingredients. Need help finding the perfect pairing? Ask a FINDS specialist to see what they suggest.

Awesome Associates

Joanna_Wine Specialist_FINDS

Joanna is a wine specialist in the Lakeland store | Photo provided by Publix GreenWise Market

PGWM associates are not only experts in customer care, but are also pros on specific specialties throughout the store. Meet 2 associates in Lakeland who are helping shoppers find the best items to fit their lifestyle.

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