Quiz: How well do you know Lakeland’s streets?

Take our 5-minute quiz to test your local street smarts.

A Google Street View photo of the retro Southgate sign and stores at the Southgate Shopping Center

We’re sure you know where this iconic sign is located.

Image via Google Maps

The year was 2013. Catapult 1.0 was under construction in the Bank of America basement. The internet was overflowing with photos of Grumpy Cat and people doing the “Harlem Shake.” But in a less noisy corner of cyberspace, geography aficionados were hooked on GeoGuessr, a new online game that just had hit the digital streets.

Its concept is rather simple. Using Google Street View, you are dropped somewhere completely random — anywhere in the world that the tech company has captured 360° imagery. Your mission? To use clues like the language on signs, natural terrain, and even the models of cars to try and pinpoint your exact location on a map. The closer your guess, the more points you earn.

We’re riffing on this idea with a little Lakeland flair. We’ll share 10 images like the one you see above. Scan each photo for things that stand out, and then try to figure out the location you’re actually looking at. Some will be easy, while others may be more difficult.

A large water feature with several fountain jets in the middle of a college campus. School buildings and trees are in the background.

Do you know where you can find this water feature?

Screenshot via Google Maps

When we released the first version of our quiz, many Lakelanders said that it was too easy, and the average score of 1,600+ responses was 79%. Challenge accepted.

You can now try your hand at our second local geography quiz, with even harder questions. We’re talking aerial shots, throwback Street View photos, and questions to test your local history knowledge.

Take either of the 5-minute quizzes and let us know how you did. Best marks might get a shoutout in a future newsletter. Bon voyage.

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