What’s your favorite sustainable business in Lakeland, FL?

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Downtown Lakeland | Photo via Google Maps

When shopping in Lakeland — what’s the No. 1 most important thing to you about choosing a business to support? Is it location, cost, popularity? What about its sustainability?

Late last year, we asked you what you want to see in 2022 and Reader Sydney L., asked about local sustainable businesses around town + what steps a business can take to become more sustainable.

You might be thinking: what does sustainability have to do with my favorite store? According to the Harvard Business School Online, sustainability, in this context, refers to a company, organization, or business that doesn’t negatively affect the environment, its community, or society.

And, because of the broadness of the definition, sustainability can look a little different depending on your business. For example, a mega-corporation could practice sustainability by opting for remote workers to cut back on gasoline, emissions, etc. Shops or stores could use recyclable packaging or reusable bags to limit the abundance of plastic.

Why does this matter? Sustainable businesses tend to fall into lower debt + equity costs and can improve overall finances (once supported by the community). Not to mention, the environmental impact is significantly less.

In an effort to highlight local businesses, we want to know: which store, shop, company, or business in Lakeland offers a more sustainable approach? Share them with us and how they’re working to achieve sustainability, here.