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A couple of weeks ago, we took you behind the scenes to share how things were going at LALtoday and asked our readers if they would be willing to make a small contribution to help support our work.

As of today, over 86 of you have stopped what you were doing to send over some love and appreciation. In addition to the $2,000+ dollars contributed, what tickled us the most were the words of encouragement, affirmation, and recognition.

So today, we want to say thank you. We are sincerely grateful for your support and we couldn’t do this without you

Please keep in touch. Send us an email at hello@LALtoday or drop us a message on social, and we look forward to seeing you every morning right here in your inbox.

Here’s what some of our readers are saying:

  • You do a fantastic job keeping us informed about Lakeland. You are my idea of a great neighbor. Every morning it is like we are sharing coffee and making plans for the new day.” – Paola V.
  • “Absolutely love what your newsletter brings to Lakeland. Thank you for everything you do for this city!” – The Cooksey Family
  • “Thank you for all your work in our community! Your news coverage is pertinent, engaging, and concise, and I always look forward to reading each day’s new content. My family appreciates you!” – Derek P.
  • “I love LAL today and read it every day. I’m so grateful for our team and their positive message, especially right now!” – Grace V.
  • “I love waking up to LALtoday every morning!” – Tom S.
  • “Thank you for your wonderful content every morning!” – Love my Lakeland Roots!
  • “We enjoy and look forward to the information provided about Lakeland and events going on. The newsletter is really helpful in planning our days and weeks.” – Kevin + Kate Brunk
  • “I love LAL today and read it every day. I’m so grateful for our team and their positive message, especially right now!” – Grace V.
  • “We really enjoy LAL everyday, thanks.” – Cliff & Kathy
  • “Thank you for helping Lakeland stay connected and building community one story at a time. I love your newsletter. It’s nice to hear about Florida Polytechnic University and the progress that we’re making as well.” – Constantine S.
  • “You’re doing a wonderful job, I enjoy the daily updates & try to take advantage of opportunities offered in LAL when I can. I’ll try to mention that I read it on LAL.” – Vic N.
  • “We appreciate LAL and all that goes into the newsletter! Thanks for keeping us informed on a daily basis of everything going on in and around Beautiful Lakeland, FL!” – Pat K. + Paul A.
  • “We moved to Lakeland just under 2 years ago, and have been subscribers since. Your newsletter is the reason we are as plugged into the local happenings as we are now. We are sorry the donation isn’t for more, but hope it helps.” – Ryan and Maggie
  • “Need my LAL to start the day.” – Gramps
  • “Thank you for such informative, timely, and fun local news. Your newsletter helps me feel connected to my community, and provides great ideas for local engagement.” – Linda C.
  • “Thanks for personalizing the city.” – Steve S.
  • “I look forward to reading your newsletter daily. I always learn something new. Thank you!” – Colleen
  • “Thank y’all for the daily news. I sincerely enjoy this newsletter and recommend it any chance I get!” – AR
  • “Thank you for bringing us so much information about the things going on in our neighborhood. I really appreciate the ease of getting these emails every morning!” – Katie J.
  • “I often share info about fun family things to do with my kids for my grands. Thank you!” – Dee G.
  • “Worth the support every day - a great service to our community” – Sylvia
  • “Yall keep crushing it, great content and insight into local happenings that make me feel more connected. We’ll be back out swimming in the community again so soon!” – Nick K.
  • “Thank you for local newsy news.” – Maureen B.
  • “You make my mornings!” – Barb S.
  • “This is easy because I would gladly pay for a subscription to your posts every morning! You guys do an excellent job!” – Steve
  • “We Love your insightful and creative articles and as small business owners we are so grateful for everything you do for our community.” – Julie + Bo P.
  • “Moving to a new city can be hard. This newsletter helped me find events in my community AND learn about the history and rich culture of the city all in one. Thank you for your work to bring us all together!!” – Sarah
  • “Keep on sending these amazing updates. The coronavirus content has been extremely helpful to have in one place and relevant but love the standard info as well! Stay strong, we’ll get through this.” – The Fennells
  • “First thing in my morning: you and coffee. I hope not to run out of either of you.” – NJP
  • “Love this part of my morning ritual! Keep up the great work!” – Perrin W.
  • “I count on you to give me lots of good information I wouldn’t get elsewhere. Thank you for all you do to keep things as normal as possible!” – Margaret J.
  • “This is the only thing I read consistently every day. Thank you!” – Ariane
  • “Thank you for all the knowledge you share each day! I would miss so many events around our city without you!” – Theresa
  • “Thank you for all your work in our community! Your news coverage is pertinent, engaging, and concise, and I always look forward to reading each day’s new content. My family appreciates you!” – Derek P.
  • “Thanks for all the consecutiveness you bring to our community!” – Alan R.
  • “You are doing a great service for our community. I share your content with elders who have limited or no access in the hope that it will help them as it helps me. Keep up the great work!” – Sharon H.
  • “Keep up the great work! We are new to the area and love your newsletter!” – The Hamiltons
  • “Thank you for being a beautiful example of the power of co-creation and connection in community!” – Sacred Is Creative
  • “Thanks for bringing us all the news and responding to my email (very impressive).” – Sonya L.
  • “Thank you for being a great resource for our community and for the fun personality you infuse into everything you do. You are the only eNews I read religiously. Lots of love to y’all!” – Megan + Brian C.
  • “Thank You for All you do - I can’t imagine not having you in my inbox everyday - keep up the great work ( and stay safe)! Keep us posted and let us know if you need more support!” – The Van Fam
  • “You all have really stepped it up during this crisis! We thank you.” – Pamela G.
  • “You guys do a fabulous job of keeping us informed about what is happening in our community. Thank you and keep up the good work. We thank you for what you do to make the world a better place. Many years ago I was a journalism student so I have a deep appreciation for what you do.” – June + Arthur
  • “I love this newsletter and it is worthy of a subscription donation. Thanks!” – Kathleen S.
  • “Thank you for keeping our community informed on a wide range of subjects that pertain to our city and surrounding area.” – Deborah
  • “We love you guys. Can’t imagine not reading you every weekday morning!” – Bob R. + Sherree L.
  • “Learn so much I would never have known about goings on in our great city.” – Linda
  • “I look forward to reading your emails every day. Great info about local happenings, history and lots of other interesting content.” – Brandy M.
  • “Keep up your great work! You Inform, connect and inspire....this is what you mean to us.” – Dominiak Family
  • “Thank you guys for gifting our community with local, important, non-biased, healthy, and easily digestible news. The layout of the email allows the reader to seamlessly read and scan without confusion and the content is always relevant and informative!” – Victoria E.
  • “Thanks for keeping it local and keeping it honest, compassionate, and fun.” – Gordon C.
  • “Thank you for keeping us informed everyday! This platform is brilliant. Appreciate you all so much.” – Sarah Lynne H.
  • “I love that you deliver news daily and you genuinely care about what the community wants. The fact that you ask us and then report on the results is part of what makes your publication stand out. Keep up the good work!” – Nicole B.
  • “Love you guys and appreciate everything you do! Thanks for staying so positive and relevant unlike many of the other news sources. Take care and be safe!” – Robert C.
  • “You guys are extraordinaire!! I do not know what I would do without your local news and completely up to date! Keep up the good work you are needed and deeply appreciate,,,,,,thanks” – Karen
  • “Thanks for the daily current messages. Better than a newspaper in many ways.” – Papa
  • “Your publication is thorough, broad, and helpful!” – Robert B.
  • “You answer the questions I haven’t even thought to ask, and the information is always relevant and useful. Thanks for your work!” – C.G.A.
  • “Only paper I read!” – Ben
  • “Appreciate LAL staff and product more than ever during these unprecedented times.” – Jeff C.

    And many, many more....

– LALtoday team (Kaylee and Abby)

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