A putt above: Florida Southern College’s new golf clubhouse

Peek inside the future clubhouse for FSC’s championship-winning golf teams before its fall 2024 opening.

A rendering of the Florida Southern College Golf Clubhouse lobby, with indoor simulators and championship trophies.

The Championship lobby will showcase FSC Golf’s 30+ titles.

Rendering provided by Florida Southern College

The Florida Southern Mocs are teeing up a new development. FSC has broken ground on a new clubhouse for its national championship-winning student-athletes at Lone Palm Golf Club. The men’s and women’s golf teams will have access to the clubhouse when it opens in the fall of 2024.

At 4,000 sqft, the clubhouse won’t just be a lounge — but it will have one of those, too. The state-of-the-art facility will house indoor hitting simulators, a putt view studio, and a fitness + rehab area for golfers to work on their game. It will also include coaches offices and pro-style locker rooms.

Not only do FSC’s golf teams use Lone Palm for competitions, but they’re both linked to Publix founder George Jenkins. He founded Lone Palm in 1964 and is an honorary member of the FSC Athletics Hall of Fame.

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