Solve this Circle B Bar Reserve puzzle

How fast can you put this puzzle together to reveal a reflective pond?

A screenshot of a digital puzzle in progress, featuring trees, a reflective pond, and a blue sky

How fast can you finish this jigsaw puzzle?

Screenshot via Jigsaw planet, photo by Carol Odice

This puzzle is sure to be a challenge. The photo comes to us from Reader Carol O., who captured a newly-developed pond at Circle B Bar Reserve. According to Carol, the pond will be used “for youth campers in the future for fishing, kayaking, archery, hikes, and much more when it is completed.”

Can you beat our record time of three minutes and 27 seconds on this puzzle? Try it for yourself, and let us know your time. If you’ve got a photo you think would be a challenging puzzle for our readers, send it our way for a chance to be featured.