Seven strange FL laws


Image via Pexels

Did you know it’s illegal to make eye contact with a Lake Morton swan? Just kidding. Maybe we fooled you, maybe we didn’t. Believe it or not, Florida has had some pretty unbelievable laws. Buckle up, we’re sharing seven quirky laws (some of which have since been repealed) with you today.

  • The Sunshine State’s parking ordinances aren’t limited to your car. Next time you pull up outside Nineteen61 on your elephant, goat, or alligator, it’s imperative that you park your animal by a parking meter, the same way you would for a vehicle. That begs the question, where would they tuck the ticket?
  • Imagine trying to work at Black & Brew without your laptop. Florida once accidentally banned all computers + smartphones through an internet cafe ban. The bill was worded in a way that effectively outlawed every computer in the state. Lock us up.
  • There’s more at stake when handling your breakables than racking up a replacement bill at June Taylor. If you chip more than four cups’ edges, saucers or break more than three dishes, you could be in a bit of trouble – because it’s illegal.
  • Hey Alexa, play “Single Ladies.” The only downside we can find to being a single woman in the sunshine state? The possibility of being prosecuted for parachuting on a Sunday.
  • If you ever relocate to Sarasota, make sure you aren’t caught singing in your swimsuit. Apparently, the act of publicly singing while in your trunks of choice is illegal.
  • Before you hitch your wagon to a bicycle and joyride down Lake Hollingsworth Drive, know that it’s illegal use your bike to tow or draw any coaster, sled or person on roller skates, a wagon, toy vehicle, or another similar vehicle on any public road, sidewalk, or public place.
  • Cool it, Tony Hawk. It’s illegal to skateboard without your driver’s license in Florida. Pretty sure almost all of us are guilty of attempting to skateboard underage.

If you’re looking to continue being the stand-up citizen that we know you are (👀), brush up on your Polk County ordinances.

These could’ve fooled us. Do you know a crazy Lakeland law that still has you second-guessing? Let us know and you just might make it into the newsletter.