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Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, FL

You don’t have to travel to Africa to see exotic wildlife on safari. Just visit Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, FL.

A guest looks out at the Safari Wilderness Ranch surrounded by zebras

Did you know zebras are your neighbors here in Lakeland?

Photo by @linalunamar

Ever wanted to take a safari trip to Africa? Put down your passport — adventure is right here in our backyard. Located at 10850 Moore Rd. (off exit 38), Safari Wilderness Ranch offers all the encounters and adventure of an African safari without having to leave Swan City.

What is it?

First off, here’s what it’s not: It’s not a zoo or theme park. Instead, it’s a guided tour that allows you to experience 260+ acres of pristine wilderness. You can choose from several adventures including:

  • Vehicle safaris | $119 per person | Ride under a truck canopy to see unique and endangered species in large herds.
  • ATV safaris | $239 per person | For a more rugged adventure, cruise around in a quiet and fuel efficient Honda ATV + feed an eland or waterbuck herd.
  • Camel expedition | $239 per person | Join wildlife in their natural state as you ride atop a dromedary or Bactrian camel.
  • Kayak safari | $239 per person | Navigate freshwater areas for close-up encounters with wetland species before hand feeding lemurs and touring the small mammal night house.
  • Safari camping | Pricing varies | Extend your stay by sleeping in the bush, so to speak. Each tent is situated on a wooden deck and has a panoramic view of the animal herds.
Feeding animals like antelope up close at Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, FL

Choose your own adventure to see animals up close + personal.

Photo by @linalunamar

What wildlife can you see?

Different tours provide different encounters, but you can generally expect to encounter a variety of wildlife including scimitar-horned oryx (which are extinct in Africa) and one of the largest herds of Defassa Waterbuck in the country.

You can also spot:

  • Zebras
  • Watusi cattle
  • Lemurs
  • Llamas
  • Ostriches
  • Fainting goats, and…

Well, there’s too much to list. You’ll just have to see them for yourself.

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