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8 Lakeland leaders share their fave Pub Sub

Here are the Pub Subs that eight of Lakeland’s movers + shakers order when they hit the Publix Deli.

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Pro tip: You can order chicken fried or baked, and add extra meat or extra bacon to any sub (or skip meat all together and go veggie).

Photo provided by Publix

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Can you really be a Lakeland local if you don’t have a favorite Pub Sub? We think not.

That’s why we asked eight local movers and shakers what they order when they hit up the Publix Deli for the iconic sandwich that has a famous following. Here’s what they shared:

Dr. Anne B. Kerr, President of Florida Southern College

  • Fave Pub Sub: Publix Chicken Tender Sub
  • Why: “I love Publix fried chicken in any form. The sub tastes delicious, and it’s just the best.”

William “Bill” Mutz, City of Lakeland Mayor

  • Fave Pub Sub: Publix Homestyle Beef Meatball Sub
  • Why: After emphasizing that it’s “clearly” the best, Mayor Mutz explained that the meatball sub is “a hot and delicious solution to almost any meal’s hunger!”

Tim Cox, Branding Expert in Residence at Catapult

Fun fact: Tim Cox previously served as the Director of Creative Services at Publix for 40 years.

  • Fave Pub Sub: Boar’s Head Italian Sub with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, black olives, salt + pepper, oregano, and sub dressing, adding very specifically that “the sub dressing must go on the bread first. Absolutely no mayo or onions. Yuk.”
  • Why: “I don’t really know, I just love the way it tastes. All this Pub Sub talk is making me hungry. I may have to go grab one for lunch.”

Angie Ellison, Executive Director of InnerAct Alliance

  • Fave Pub Sub: Publix Deli Ultimate Sub
  • Why: “I like it for the variety of ingredients,” adding that her executive staff has a celebratory Pub Sub lunch monthly. Her office party pro tip: “Make sure everyone selects the same order pick-up time.”

Adam Waugh, Head Football Coach at Southeastern University

  • Fave Pub Sub: Publix Chicken Tender Sub with bacon, cheddar cheese, and Boar’s Head Chipotle Gourmaise
  • Why: “Can’t beat it!”

Jon Bucklew, owner of The Joinery

  • Fave Pub Sub: Boar’s Head Jerk Turkey & Gouda Sub
  • Why: “Oh man, I love it because it’s Boar’s Head meat and they slice it to order. Gouda is also the best cheese, and I like the seasoning.”

Connor Keith, LALtoday City Editor

Yep, our City Editors are community leaders, too, leading the way in keeping Lakeland in the know about all that makes our city great.

  • Fave Pub Sub: Boar’s Head Havana Bold Sub
  • Why: “I love this sub, but you have to get it pressed. It’s a pretty spicy sandwich to start with, but I add the Boar’s Head Chipotle Gourmaise for an extra kick. If you want something lighter, order your sub as a salad with your choice of lettuce or spinach (I would choose lettuce for this one).”

Rilee Delgado, LALtoday City Editor

  • Fave Pub Sub: Boar’s Head Turkey Sub on white and “add the Chipotle Gouda, get it toasted, and top it off with lettuce, spinach, green bell peppers, salt + pepper, and obviously the sub sauce for my favorite super-green sub.”
  • Why: Beyond calling it her “go-to,” Rilee’s pro tip is: “If you’re splitting your sub with a friend who wants to add something that’s not quite your taste (like the garlic pickles, in my case), you can ask for them on the side.”

Now it’s your turn, LAL. What’s your favorite Pub Sub? Let us know.

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