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Which dog breed are you based on your Lakeland neighborhood?

Just like each dog breed has its own personality, each community in Lakeland shines with unique characteristics. Which breed sounds most like you?

A large and small dog walk around the Frances Langford Promenade on Lake Mirror in Lakeland

It’s not such a ruff life if you live in Lakeland.

Photo by @izzieandjedi

Since home is where the dog is, we’ve matched a few Lakeland neighborhoods with dog breeds based on their temperaments, according to the American Kennel Club. Don’t see your neighborhood listed yet? Consider yourself a Lakeland terrier. These pups are friendly, confident, and bold — just like a Lakelander.

Bonus: If you’re in the market for a home with space for Rover to run, check out each neighborhood’s real estate listing.

Cleveland Heights: Boxer

With easy access to Lake Hollingsworth, the Lakeland Family YMCA, and several public parks, Cleveland Heights has to be the active boxer. This fun-loving breed is sure to keep you at Dog Leg Woods for an extra hour or two.

Home with fenced-in backyard, near dog park

Downtown: Australian Shepherd

These intelligent dogs were bred as herders, and they still have a strong desire to work. That lines up with the downtown neighborhood, where you’ll find Lakelanders mixing work and play.

Pet-friendly penthouse across from Munn Park


Paws and enjoy a moment at home.

Lake Morton: Poodle

Historic homeowners and Florida Southern College students alike are proud to call East and South Lake Morton home. That makes them a perfect fit with the proud and intelligent standard poodle.

Historic home with spacious yard

Dixieland: French Bulldog

The French bulldog was the most popular breed for the first time in 2022. This adaptable breed reminds us of Dixieland, a popular area that’s constantly seeing new businesses and rolling with the changes.

Home with shady backyard + patio

Camphor Heights: Golden Retriever

This community is small, tight-knit, and friendly — what better dog could represent it than a devoted golden retriever?

Updated historic home with landscaped yard

Want to see more? Throw us a bone and drop us a line with which breed you think best matches your community for a pup-date of this article.

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