Polk Museum of Art’s newest exhibit: Hindsight 2020

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Sunday In The Park/ Cool Series | Artist: Tina Koufas-Eisbacher, Polk Museum of Art

Back in July, we told you that Polk Museum of Art (PMA) put out a call for local artists to submit their artwork for a chance to be featured in an upcoming exhibit. Now, PMA has released its new online exhibition, “Hindsight 2020: Art of This Moment.”

The purpose of the exhibit is about capturing and documenting the “new normal” + the artwork is intended to be reflective of everything that 2020 has brought us, like – the COVID-19 pandemic, experiences in isolation, social justice, discussions about social justice and racial inequality, and any other aspect of this era.

Here are a few of the pieces. ⬇️


“All Alone - Reaching for Comfort” | Artist: Stoney Lawrentz, Polk Museum of Art

🎨 From the artist: “In these strange times of isolation, we find ourselves reaching. Reaching, grasping for faith, seeking comfort but only finding it may be out of touch.”


“Masked Opinions” | Artist: Thomas Mack, Polk Museum of Art

🎨 From the artist: “One of many opinions regarding use of masks, in this case unspoken.”


“The Hurt is Real” | Artist: Nelson Perez, Polk Museum of Art

🎨 From the artist: “When a whole population is screaming out in pain, people should listen. This was created post-George Floyd’s death and the protest that followed. I felt that the more people cried out in pain, the louder other people yelled that it isn’t that bad. A good doctor listens to the patient.”


“Lumpia Lesson” | Artist: Cynthia Lizardi, Polk Museum of Art

🎨 From the artist: “I based this painting on a photo I took of my son back in April 2020, after his daycare closed from a Covid-19 exposure scare. I taught him how to make Filipino spring rolls called lumpia. Being half-Filipino myself, I wanted to make lumpia with him as it is usually reserved for special occasions and is time-consuming. Making something celebratory together and teaching my son a part of his heritage broke the monotony of our new daily life. I painted this on paper that my son helped me make in July. When our recycling was suspended temporarily due to Covid-19 cases among the center’s staff, my son and I sorted and shredded cardboard to reduce our full recycling bin and make new paper. It became another bonding lesson for us in this time of uncertainty.”


“Stay Safe in Quarantine” | Artist: Mia, Polk Museum of Art

🎨 From the artist: “Nurse and Police Officer”

There are 85 pieces in the exhibit + over 230 artistsages 7-80 – submitted 700+ works of art. Hindsight 2020: Art of This Moment runs until Dec. 31, 2021.

Click here to Gogh to the full gallery. 🖼️