Have the perfect pool day in Lakeland, Florida

Sometimes a trek to the beach isn’t feasible — have your perfect pool day with these local recommendations right here in Swan City.

Florida Southern College's pool

There’s something about watching the sun rise over a crystal blue pool.

Photo by @fsc_swimming

Sometimes picking a coast + making the long-haul isn’t feasible; for those days when you’ve got sunshine on the mind but can’t commit to an I-4 excursion, we’ve assembled a list of local must-haves for the perfect day at one of Lakeland’s public pools.

Your poolside snack can make or break your experience. Beat the heat with one of these local options.

Six scoops of icecream from Mayday Icecream

There’s nothing like a few scoops of ice cream on a hot day.

Photo by @tamparecs

  • Something sweet — Head to Mayday Ice Cream at The Joinery (640 E. Main St.) and order a flight of ice cream — that’s six mini scoops — to share (or keep for yourself, we won’t judge).
  • Something savory — Order a green juice and a bowl from The Juice Box (4295 S. Florida Ave.). We recommend the Celery Duff or the Alkaline Trio and the Kalehouse Rock, featuring kale, spinach, sweet potato, avocado, and more.
  • Something caffeinated — You can’t go wrong ordering from any of Lakeland’s tried-and-true coffee spots. Pro tip: Skip the 2% and go with coconut milk for a tremendously tropical flavor in your favorite latte.

There’s so much more to a proper beach uniform than a swimsuit. Check out our local recommendations for the perfect poolside outfit.

A woman in a baseball hat

City Editor Rilee sporting LAL on Lake Hollingsworth

Photo by LALtoday

  • Sunglasses — Stop by Eyes on Lakeland (1400 S. Florida Ave.) for a fresh set of lenses to properly protect those baby blues (or hazels, greens, or browns… you get the point).
  • SunblockSunburns are out, UV protection is in. Rafa Natural (244 N. Kentucky Ave.) offers a full line of sun care products, from sunscreen to post-sun soothing mist.
  • Towels + hats — Whether you’re looking for a trucker, bucket, or good old-fashioned baseball hat, check out these caps, beach towels, and tote bags to accessorize your perfect pool day.

Is your favorite pool day staple not on our list? Tell us about it so we can try it for ourselves.