Other places named Lakeland around the world

Venture beyond Swan City to visit one of these other places named Lakeland all over the globe.

A view of a lake and mountains in the Lake District in England

Find your inspiration at the Lake District.

Photo by @laura_loves_mountains_

Lakeland: A city so great that there have been 18 other places with the same name in the US, and even more around the world. Want to take a vacation but know you’ll miss home too much? Plan your trip to one of these Lakelands (though we’re sure it can’t compete with Swan City).

Lake District, England
Affectionately known by locals as “Lakeland,” northwest England’s Lake District National Park is known for its mountains, woodlands, and lakes. It was also home to many poets and writers who were inspired by its scenery in the 1800s. It even inspired a modern-day artist, Taylor Swift, to write her song “The Lakes” in 2020.

Trees and lake found in Lakeland, Wisconsin

We’ve got to give it to the Wisconsinites who named this Big Dummy Lake.

Photo via Google Maps

Lakeland, Wisconsin
Back on this side of the lake pond is Lakeland, WI. Average high temperatures in winter only reach 24º in this small town of less than 1,000 people. At just 35.3 square miles, it boasts 27 lakes, including a chain of lakes like you can find close to home in Winter Haven. Across the state is Lakeland University, a liberal arts school in Sheboygan, WI.

Dirt road leading through the mountains and plains of Lakeland, Queensland, Australia

Surprisingly, you won’t find many lakes in Lakeland, Queensland.

Photo via Google Maps

Lakeland, Australia
The final stop on our Lakeland world tour is Lakeland, Queensland, Australia. Near the northernmost point of Australia, this rural town of 299 people isn’t actually known for lakes. Instead, it was named after explorer and prospector William Lakeland. The area is mainly used for farming thanks to its fertile volcanic soil, but it has nearly 30 mountains, including Mount Scatterbrain.

We’ll be packing our bags to see how these Lakelands stack up against Swan City (although we might wait until summer to visit Wisconsin). Whether you’re heading for snowy Wisconsin plains or the mountains down under, Scott’s Cheap Flights offers all the affordable flight hacks from your home airport. Sign up here.

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