Last minute tips to make sure you’re hurricane ready

Don’t forget these steps on your hurricane prep checklist.

Lightning in dark cloudy sky over trees and streetlights on a rainy day in Lakeland, FL

It’s not too late to start your hurricane preparations.

Photo by @skymaro_009

Whether you’ve spent this week making a hurricane preparation list or are still wondering how serious the storm will really be, here are a few extra pro tips worth considering before Hurricane Idalia swipes by Florida.

Remember your neighbor

From a simple exchange of phone numbers + information to grouping your resources for a community hurricane ride-out, working with others can help keep everyone safe.

Take care of your mental health

We know hurricanes can bring out a lot of emotions. Stress, fear, and anxiety are very common. If you need to talk to someone, call Peace River’s 24/7 hotline (863-519-3744) for emotional support.

Be resourceful

Think outside of the box on ways to prepare, survive, and recover from a hurricane. In other words, outsmart the stress.

Finesse your finances

Spending money to prepare for a disaster can be taxing, no doubt. Make sure to plan ahead, list your priorities, and try not to go over a set budget.

Stay in the know

Sign up to receive local emergency notifications from Alert Polk to stay informed on important weather updates. Download one of these apps for even more information.

Have safety smarts

When running generators, propane tanks, or camping stoves, make sure to use proper safety precautions to keep yourself and others safe.

Protect your pets

It’s always best to make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and have current licenses + microchips. But if you’re unsure, take photos of your pets for easier identification. And if an evacuation order is issued, seek pet-friendly hotels and open shelters.

Really though, be prepared

Not sure if you’re entirely prepared for the storm? Take a look at our checklist for more pro tips.