Lakeland-themed table topics for the holiday season

Don’t let an awkward silence derail your holiday dinners. Impress your guests with these local topics.

Blinky the alligator statue formerly on Lake Mirror

A metal tribute to Blinky, the alligator with a craving for marshmallows.

Photo by LALtoday

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When the chatter lags at the Thanksgiving table, hop in with one of these conversation starters to impress your guests with your local knowledge.

Tell the history of Blinky the Alligator

Say “see you later” to awkward silences with the story of Blinky, Lakeland’s unofficial mascot during the 1970s. If your guests are one-eyed reptile fans, ask them if they would have given him a kiss on the snout back then.

Debate the best coffee shop

Everyone’s got an opinion on this one. Whether they prefer to sip a latte during Hillcrest’s live music nights, or they’re a bookworm regular at Pressed, see if one local coffee house reigns supreme in your family.

Plan a local celebrity sightseeing trip

Did your loved ones know that Hollis Garden is home to several trees grown from cuttings of celebrities trees? Tell your guests about our tree-mendous connection to Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, and more famous names.

What are you bringing up this Thanksgiving? Tell us so we can add a little spice to our holiday conversations.