With 43% of adults living at home, is Lakeland a “Boomerang City?”

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43%. That’s the number of adults in Lakeland (aged 18-34) that are living with their parents, according to new data from STORAGECafé. In fact, the Lakeland-Winter Haven area ranked No. 14 on a list of the top 20 metropolitan cities for multi-generational families.

We asked you via Instagram and Facebook, how old you were when you flew the coop (or didn’t). In reading many of the responses, we noticed that Lakeland seems to have a sort of “boomerang effect.” People returning to the city, or as they’re nicknamed “boomerangs,” are defined as a large number of residents (mainly millennials), that return to the small to medium-sized cities that they previously lived in — whether it be after college or other reasons.

On both our posts, we received a number of responses (80+) on this new stat. Here’s some of what you said:

  • 21! Hard choice but definitely worth it!” — @photosbytitus
  • Not my kid. She’s 25, has her own apartment, and is working 3 jobs to make it happen (even with a 4-year degree from FSC). She hasn’t been home since her Freshman year of college. It’s a shame she has to work 3 jobs just to earn enough to live.” —@vamnamaste
  • It’s too expensive to move out! it’s not affordable without (or even with) a roommate that’s in a good neighborhood or big enough. [I’m] a Lakeland native and it’s looking less and less likely to be able to continue living here after moving out. Working full time with other expenses just feels like getting by.” — @backstage_sun
  • My son moved out after graduating high school and has been independent since. He’s 36 gainfully employed and successful. We taught him the value of money EARLY, and to be self-reliant. I’m a PROUD MOM.” — @cindyleepenn4045
  • “I moved out when I was 22. I moved back in when I was 50 and took over my parent’s house.” — @taylorthe1andonly
  • I was 19. My boys are now 22 and 20 and they still live at home...but not too much longer...maybe... hopefully...I think.” — @kelly.bak3r
  • When I was 19, came to @seuniversity and never left!”@theactingmom

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