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The bright side of going solar

See how Freedom Solar Power can set you free from high energy-costs with low monthly rates on sun-generated power.

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You can rest knowing that Freedom Solar Power has 15 years of industry-leading experience and high customer satisfaction ratings.

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Feeling the pain of TECO’s 10% electricity bill increase? Make the power move to solar.

In Florida, solar can be surprisingly budget-friendly, sparing you from ever-increasing energy bills with locked-in rates as low as $99 per month (that’s a $35,000 savings in the long run). Making it even more affordable, Florida offers several solar rebates + incentives.

☀️ Solar made easy

If protecting your investment is top of mind (as it should be), Freedom Solar Power offers a 25-year warranty covering product, performance, and service. The start-to-finish solar team uses only high-quality solar technology + makes the process worry-free by handling design, permitting, and installation.

🏡 Is solar right for you?

Become a solar whiz by downloading Freedom Solar Power’s free e-book to see:

  • What solar will cost you (including an incentives breakdown)
  • The financial upside of going solar
  • How solar effects your home
  • What not to do when switching to solar
  • A “switch-to-solar” checklist
  • Guidance on the next steps

Download the free e-book

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