Where you can find buzz-free beverages, or mocktails, in Lakeland

Shaken or stirred? Either one works, as long as it’s zero-proof. Check out this list of alcohol-free cocktails — mocktails — in Swan City.

A red mocktail topped with fruit and a paper umbrella

Criollisimo’s drinks even come with tiny umbrellas.

Photo via Frescos Southern Kitchen & Bar

You don’t need a kick in your cocktail to enjoy a night out. Keep reading to see where you can find mocktails in Swan City.

Criollisimo, locations vary
Who says mocktails have to be boring? Find this booth at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market for a refreshing taste of the tropics. Drinks are made to order with fresh fruit and juice — perfect for cooling off on a sunny Saturday.


Try a tiki drink or a classic mocktail with your next brunch at Frescos.

Photo via Frescos Southern Kitchen & Bar

Frescos Southern Kitchen & Bar, 132 S. Kentucky Ave.
This downtown staple offers an entire selection of zero-proof “temperance cocktails.” Try the cucumber elderflower cooler, made with elderflower syrup, rosemary syrup, cucumber, lime, and sparkling water.

krazy-kombucha-lakeland-fl.jpeg (1)

DYK you can refill your Krazy Kombucha growlers at various spots around town?

Photo via @catapultlkld

Krazy Kombucha, 1030 S. Florida Ave.
If you want a beverage with flavor and probiotics, check out Krazy Kombucha’s taproom. Pro tip: Get refills from Good Thyme and Quinteassence on days the taproom is closed. We like to mix this kombucha with other beverages + fruits to concoct a refreshing mocktail — our favorite is the classic strawberry.

POURS bar at GreenWise Market

Grab a seat at the POURS bar.

Photo by @thelaltoday

Publix GreenWise Market, 4747 S. Florida Ave., Ste. 110
Order bubbly kombucha on tap to sip at the bar, or take it on the go while you shop. This kombucha’s fizz will most closely resemble a sparkling cider or seltzer. Reader Jennifer D. recommends mocktail mimosas with orange juice and kombucha.


Level up while playing old favorites like Guitar Hero and pinball during Rec Room’s happy hour.

Photo by @recroomlkld

Rec Room, 202 N. Massachusetts Ave.
Stop by this arcade bar in the heart of downtown Lakeland for games, drinks, and the occasional pop-up. Pro tip: You can turn any of Rec Room’s cocktails into a $5 mocktail version — root beer, cream soda, and Coca-Cola products, are also available.


We like our mocktails loaded with vitamin C.

Photo by @thelaltoday

Revival, 119 S. Kentucky Ave.
This downtown bar can whip up any cocktail into a mocktail. We ordered a non-alcoholic riff on an Aperol Spritz (shown above). This biz also keeps a variety of kombucha on tap.

You won’t wanna spill this tea.

Photo by @quinteassence, @evrnest and @werlostboys

Quinteassence Kava Bar, 839 N. Massachusetts Ave.
If you’re looking for an alternative to your regular wine-down Wednesday or cocktail, head here. Kava is a non-alcoholic beverage, but (like alcohol) it’s a nervous system depressant. That means you can expect a similar sensation, sans alcohol. Next time you’re looking for a refreshing drink, try the blue lotus kava lemonade.

Two hands holding pints of beer at Swan Brewing

Cheers to Dry January at Swan Brewing.

Photo by LALtoday

Swan Brewing, 115 W. Pine St.
If cocktails aren’t your thing, try a non-alcoholic beer at Swan Brewing. Reader Miriam N. suggests grabbing a can of Athletic Brewing Co.'s non-alcoholic beer to enjoy on the patio.

Three colorful cocktails sitting on a bar

Ask your bartender about The Back Nine’s mocktail menu.

Photo by LALtoday

The Back Nine, 124 S. Tennessee Ave.
Reader Ashley B. recommends the many mocktail options at this eatery + sports simulator spot. Try the No-jito for a twist on a mojito, or the Sans-gria for a fruity sangria alternative.

A hand holds a non-alcoholic Paloma topped with a slice of grapefruit

The Paloma is sweet, salty, and still so delicious sans alcohol.

Photo by LALtoday

The Joinery, 640 E. Main St.
A few drinks from this food hall’s bar can be made zero-proof. We’re fans of the non-alcoholic Muh Muh Muh My Paloma and the Thai One On.

Is your favorite mocktail spot not on our list? Help us out and send it our way — we’re thirsty.

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