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Great Escapes: Our Guide to St. Augustine, FL

Get away to explore America’s oldest city and fall in love with its Spanish roots.

St. Augustine - Great Escapes 2

St. Augustine features some of the oldest hotels in the country.

Photo by @vbardega

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Look no further for your next vacation because St. Augustine, FL might just be calling your name. Filled with Spanish architecture, a vibrant artistic scene, and a delicious variety of seafood, this charming coastal city invites you to revel in its historical roots.

Not to mention, it is home to the supposed location of Ponce De Leons Fountain of Youth. Here’s what you need to explore.

St. Augustine - Great Escapes 1

St. Augustine’s streets are rich in history.

Photo by @vbardega

Why go? 🗺️

St. Augustine - Great Escapes 3

Sunday serves brunch weekdays (closed Mondays) from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Photo by @vbardega

Act like a local 📸

St. Augustine - 4

The Nation’s Oldest City has a lively art scene.

Photo by @vbardega

Where to stay 💼

By honoring its significant past, the Ancient City gives us a charming tour of Americas oldest cobblestone roads, with picturesque spots for visitors to love.

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