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Get to know the Polk Arts + Cultural Alliance

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Register for adult art classes like oil painting + monochromatic drawing

Photo provided by Polk Arts & Cultural Alliance

Ever wonder what makes Lakeland so unique, inclusive + vibrant? Our city holds a variety of creative events thanks to Polks Arts & Cultural Alliance (PACA). Get to know PACA to support a colorful future for the arts in Lakeland. 🎨

Established in 2004, this nonprofit organization was designated by Polk Co. Board of County Commissioners as the Local Arts Agency. This means PACA is able to support local artists and promote their own events through grants, partnership funds + publishing a seasonal “Art-i-facts” magazine.

Part of their work includes highlighting art events around Lakeland, including:

  • Drawing courses for beginners
  • Community theatre productions 🎭
  • Art history lectures
  • Professional art exhibits
  • Arts sessions for participants with special needs
  • Musical performances for the community y

By becoming a member of the Polk Arts Alliance, you also become an advocate for creativity in Lakeland so these life-giving events can be here to stay. ❤️ *


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