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In season: All about grapefruit, cauliflower, and bell peppers

Learn everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about these in-season fruits + vegetables.

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grapefruit lemon limes and oranges on plates taken from above

Grapefruit, cauliflower, and bell peppers are perfect ingredients for the winter to spring transition (still hearty, but on the lighter side).

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Did you know that grapefruit, cauliflower, and bell peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges?

We rounded up these fun facts about the fruits + vegs in season at Publix this month (plus some tasty recipes, too):

🍊 Grapefruit

  • Once considered a novelty, “grapefruit” got its name from the grape-like clusters it grows in.
  • Florida grows 60% of the US’ grapefruits, making the state the nation’s top producer.
  • Make it: Grapefruit and Ricotta Salad

🍚 Cauliflower

🫑 Bell peppers

  • Red and yellow bell peppers are overly ripe (and sweeter) green bell peppers. Bonus: Paprika is made from red bell peppers.
  • Bell peppers are not hot because they don’t contain capsaicin — the compound that makes hot peppers hot.
  • Make it: Jamaican-Style Pepper Steak

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