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It’s all in the family at Funnel Feasts

Dominik Rahmani is following in his parents’ footsteps to bring delicious food truck bites to Lakeland. Learn more about what inspired him to open Funnel Feasts.

Three small funnel cakes topped with chocolate, caramel, and powdered sugar sit on a paper plate on top of a wood picnic table.

The funnel cupcakes are the perfect size to order a few in different flavors.

Photo by Funnel Feasts

No one knows the meaning of “family business” better than the Rahmanis, the family behind the Lakeland food truck Feasts of Persia. Farhad and Gianna Rahmani started the business, but their 18-year-old son Dominik is carrying the torch in his own way with Funnel Feasts.

Dominik told us, “I’ve grown up with an entrepreneurial mindset.” When inspiration for a business struck while working at Legoland, he started creating his own funnel cakes out of the family food truck. “Now, I get to serve funnel cakes to those partying at Union Hall, as well as doing events on my own!”

Funnel Feasts offers full-size cakes, smaller “cupcakes,” and funnel fries with customizable toppings. Try them for yourself at Union Hall (1023 S. Florida Ave.) Tuesday-Saturday. Dominik says his favorite is the new Peanut Butter Delight, and we love the strawberry cupcake with chocolate syrup.

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