The vision for Florida Ave.’s road diet project

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Photo via City of Lakeland, Florida Ave. Road Diet vision

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Thanks to the Florida Ave. Road Diet Test, driving on the stretch between Ariana St. + Lime St. is feeling + looking pretty different lately.

Starting with a study by the Florida Department of Transportation (which was the “first of its kind” in Florida) to determine how to make S. Florida Ave. more functional, the $950,000 Road Diet project is now officially being put to the test.

To catch up on the deets of this project, click here for a quick explanation.

With data + community input currently being monitored, many Lakelanders are curious about how this project may transform the Dixieland area if made permanent.

The following renderings – sourced from the City of Lakeland’s award-winning GIS data system – illustrates what the future may hold for Florida Ave.’s transportation flow. Shout out to Lakelander Gate A. for sharing these findings via Facebook.

Ariana St. intersection

This change will allow for a transition between the newer + older Dixieland areas, as north of Ariana St. has opportunity for business growth.

Belmar St. intersection

This scenario features the vacant lot on the East side of Belmar, aka the “Tucker Lounge Site” to provide a 3 story multi-use building.

Patterson St. intersection

This intersection would have enhanced sidewalks + go from five to three lanes.

Hillcrest St. intersection

This design concept provides a two-three story residential building along Missouri Ave. with ground floor retail + office use.

Lime St. intersection

This redesigned downtown corner would feature reducing five lanes to two travel lanes, with one center left-turn lane + wider sidewalks.

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– LALtoday team (Abby and Kaylee)