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6 crazy Florida alligator sightings

alligator crossing the road

Photo via Pexels

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Living in Central Florida means spotting an alligator in spring is less of a novelty and more of an expectation.

With an estimated 1.3 million alligators in Florida, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is warning folks to be aware of heightened alligator activity this time of year (due to nesting + mating) and the possibilities of encountering them.

From gator wrestle-mania + to a bull shark’s best friend, we rounded up 6 of the snappiest stories this spring involving our favorite lizard-like leviathans for you to enjoy. ⤵️

  • Grappling gators | One Lakewood Ranch man got quite the surprise when he found two gators getting rowdy in his backyard.
  • Hungry fella’ | A Florida man who spent his life painting marine life found himself between the pearly white teeth of a hungry gator. 60 stitches later, he tells the tale + says he plans to paint his memory of the gator’s green eyes.
  • #NoBigDeal | Watch this Florida Man wrestle his dog free of an alligator’s jaws in the water. If that’s not cool enough, he does it without dropping his cigar.
  • They see me rollin’ | Usually, when you hear about a gator’s death roll, it’s not in the context of them evading police capture. The escape plan didn’t pan out, but we give this reptile an A for effort and an A+ for choreography.
  • Unlikely pals | If this isn’t the most Florida thing you’ve ever seen, what is? Watch this video of a bull shark + an alligator swimming side-by-side.
  • Won’t you be my Neighbor? | A Tampa family was greeted at their front door by an 8-ft gator with 2 remaining limbs, likely from past fights with gator aggressors.


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