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#TryThis: Become a savvy homebuyer with help from S&D Real Estate

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Jim, Amanda, and Heather discuss how buyers can stand out from the crowd in a seller’s market | Photo via LALtoday

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Hey, Lakeland – Rilee here. The current frenzy in Lakeland’s housing market may have you on edge, but now you can read about how to stand out as a buyer in the current market. Recently, I met with the experts at S&D Real Estate for a mock consultation. You can make an appointment to #TryThis for yourself.

What we tried:

Jim, Amanda, Heather, and Dee talked me through all things home buying in our mock consultation. They answered my questions and gave me several #ProTips on how to stand out from the competition.


S&D Real Estate’s materials break down each step of the process for buyers + sellers. | Photo via LALtoday

After chatting with the bunch, I quickly learned that each agent has their client’s best interests in mind. In addition to ensuring you’re getting a good deal + keeping your important documents organized, agents are experts in their communities and can provide important insight to buyers regarding neighborhoods, schools, and the local housing market.

What not to miss:

Book a consultation before starting the process. In under 1 hour, I learned these #ProTips to be a competitive buyer: 👇

  • Be pre-approved, not just pre-qualified.
  • Offer a short inspection period.
  • Offer a larger escrow deposit to show sellers you’re serious.
  • Offer cash above the appraised value, if possible.
  • Understand the seller’s needsdo they need time post-occupancy to get settled? Do they want a fast closing?

The newly remodeled conference room provides a space for new buyers to get acquainted with their realtor + the home-buying process | Photo via LALtoday

What we’re still talking about:

It can be daunting to purchase a home. After all, it’s no small investment. A good realtor can make all the difference.

S&D’s team shared some “must-havesto find in a realtor, including:

  • An understanding that they’re not selling a home, but a lifestyle + community.
  • A strong professional reputation.

Basically, find a trusted professional, that way you really can just focus on making your Pinterest board dreams come to life. ✨

How you can experience this:

Call 863-824-7169 or visit their website to schedule a consultation.

Things to know if you go: