Laugh along with Swan City Improv, Lakeland’s very own comedy troupe

Their job? It’s just laughs.

A group of individuals sits and stands on a stage as they perform a comedic improv show.

Did you know Swan City Improv’s held their first show 7 years ago at Lkld Live?

Photo provided by Swan City Improv

It started out as a one-off performance by friends on April Fools’ Day in 2017. Now, it’s a thriving comedy troupe that Lakelanders flock to see each month. Meet Swan City Improv, Lakeland’s silliest geese — ahem, we mean swans.

In the spirit of lighthearted fun and laughter, we asked Swan City Improv’s members to share their best (or worst) Lakeland-themed jokes with us.

  • What’s the biggest lake in Lakeland? Lake Morton, because it weighs more than a ton.
  • Why can’t you walk on US Highway 98? You might stub your Bartow.
  • Did you hear they also tried to make ducks the official bird of Lakeland? They thought there could be two, but there’s room for just swan.
  • Have you heard that there’s a new bakery in Lakeland just for pilots? It’s called Sun ‘n Bun.
A group of actors sits and stands onstage as part of an improv comedy show.

You can catch Swan City Improv performing monthly at different venues around town.

Photo provided by Swan City Improv

All jokes aside, Swan City Improv brings together talented improvisers from across Lakeland to accomplish one goal: providing joy through laughter. You can find them performing monthly, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”-style, at various Swan City venues.

In addition to live performances, the group offers corporate workshops + performance classes for teams looking to enhance their collaboration and communication skills, or for individuals to just learn something new.

A group of actors stands on stage in a line as part of an improv comedy show.

Can you spot City Editor Connor in this performance?

Photo provided by Swan City Improv

On Friday, April 5, Swan City Improv will celebrate seven years with its anniversary shows at Rec Room. While the 7:30 p.m. show is family-friendly material, the 9:30 p.m. show will be exclusively for those 21+. You can attend one show for $10 or both shows for $15. Pro tip: You may see a familiar face performing — City Editor Connor has been a member of the troupe since December 2020.

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