Our readers’ local love stories

You helped us put our city on the map by submitting your love stories.

A lake with buildings in the background and location points — featuring hearts inside — pointing to different spots around the lake.

As it turns out, Lakeland is the site of many a love story.

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For Valentine’s Day 2024, we made a map of local places where our readers have made memories and love stories. We asked for your help compiling everything from proposals to making friends. You did not disappoint.

A pink map showing the City of Lakeland, with multiple small hearts scattered around the map.

Click on the map to view and read all of the love stories.

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You can explore all of the local love stories by clicking on the hearts, but there are a few love stories that we just had to share:

  • ”... In 2022 I moved back to [Lakeland] for the 4th and final time. This time was different, as I went back to my home state [Delaware] to get my mother... I proposed the idea of moving back to Florida with me, and she agreed! Fast forward to today, and a mother who says she’s living her best life! Her health has improved substantially, and we’re out exploring almost every weekend! ...” — Anonymous reader
  • “My boyfriend and I first met on the school bus and started dating our 8th/9th grade year at McKeel Academy. We were each other’s first real love. After graduation, we went separate ways. I stayed in Lakeland and he joined the military. Fast forward to about ten years later, he has a daughter of his own and I have two children of my own… I take my two year old daughter to Bonnet Springs Park and while we’re on the playground I hear someone say ‘Hey’ and when I turn to see who it was, it was him... We realized it should have always been us. I truly believe that fate brought us together that day :)” — Erika H.
  • “My current fiance, Kate, and I expressed our feelings for each other at the Polk Theatre on December 3, 2022 after a Christmas performance by the Lakeland Symphony. We just got our engagement pictures done at the Polk Theatre since it was the place where everything started!” — Emily M.

Now we’re really feeling the love.

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