Check these activities off your Lakeland bucket list

Tell us what you’re hoping to do, see, and experience for the first time this year. We’ll share the best responses in our Lakeland bucket list.


Attend an event you haven’t before, like the Up Up and Away Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Photo by Catapult

Our goal for 2024? Keep exploring Lakeland and all it has to offer. That’s why we’re creating a bucket list filled with everything you want to do, see, and experience before we kick the bucket — or at least before we say goodbye to this year.

We asked you what you’re hoping to check off, including a few of your New Year’s resolutions. See how many you can accomplish.

A stone marker beside a highway that reads "October 1930, Welcome to Polk County, Citrus Center"

Mark the year by finding these nearly 100-year-old stone markers.

Screenshot via Google Maps

Reader E. F. wants to collect photos of the county boundary markers, stone pillars built in 1930 at the edges of Polk County. There are two in Lakeland to snap a picture of — one at the corner of New Tampa Highway + County Line Road and one where Highway 98 North intersects with County Road 54.

Reader Diane S. is going airborne with plans to fly in a hot air balloon. Be like Diane and take flight at Balloons & Beyond for aerial views of the city, and attend the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo to watch the hot air balloon launches.

A young goat stands on a yoga blanket as two people do yoga in the background

No kidding around — try The Cloven Hoof Farm for a fun fitness session.

Photo by @the_cloven_hoof

This goal might be the GOAT. Facebook follower La M. wants to pet goats this year — what better place than The Cloven Hoof Farm? Join a goat yoga session (there are two coming up this month) or just sign up to pet the friendly goats.

Instagram follower @lakelandveganeats wants to keep eating plant-based, vegan foods this year. If you’re testing out a vegan diet or looking for a new favorite vegetarian menu, you can’t go wrong with these local eateries.

An exterior shot of the Wonder House mansion.

Tours of the Wonder House help support its ongoing restorations.

Photo by @merineitsi

We’re all about being a tourist in our own town. Reader Wendy F. wants to visit the Wonder House. Holiday tours just wrapped up last week, so keep an eye on the tour schedule to book a walk through this mysterious historic home.

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