If Lakeland had a personality, what would it be like?

We’re using geopsychology to give Swan City the ultimate personality test.

Five people dance with a small child in a white dress and cowboy boots at Lakeland's Buena market

If Lakeland were a person, they’d be the life of the party at Buena Market.

Photo via @buenamarket

What is your average Lakelander like? Are they extroverted or introverted? Agreeable or grumpy? Conscientious or free-spirited? Emotionally stable or neurotic?

Your answers may vary, but geopsychology may be able to track certain personality traits across different regions. Consider Atlas Obscura’s personality map of the US. You may be surprised what it says about Lakeland.

Lakeland is social

According to Atlas Obscura, Florida is the life of the party. Lakeland in particular is above average when it comes to extroversion. Unlike our neighboring states, Floridians tend to be more open-minded as well.

Considering all the events in Swan City, we’d believe it. Lakelanders are constantly trying to get together.

Lakeland is agreeable

This is where we differ a bit from some of our friends in the south and on the coast of Florida. Sorry not sorry, TBAYtoday, but according to geopsychology Lakeland tends to be more kindly and considerate.

Lakeland is conscientious

It should come as no surprise that, in general, the South tends to be dutiful and disciplined. Lakeland itself is a hot spot for reliability. Maybe we’re so dependable because the weather isn’t?

Stoke that generous Lakelander spirit by checking out our volunteer guide.

Lakeland is emotionally stable

Perhaps we’re just basking in the glow of being the best, but the map says Lakelanders tend to be pretty positive and capable of handling stress.

If you need a moment of peace, enjoy this view of Circle B Bar Reserve or get into the flow at a yoga studio.

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