Changes coming to downtown Lakeland

From updates to Munn Park to shuttle services, pedestrian streets, parking and traffic changes, and lot development, we’re tracking downtown Lakeland’s evolution in one convenient place.

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If we can count on one thing staying the same, it’s our iconic Munn Park sign.

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Hey, Lakeland. It’s no secret that our city is undergoing lots of change. To keep it simple (at least, simple to read about), we’re keeping track of our downtown’s evolution on this page. We’ll update it regularly with everything you need to know about new developments, park beautification, parking and shuttle services, and more.

August 2023

Munn Park Revitalization Project

Background: Lakelanders were presented with potential outcomes for a Munn Park revitalization effort in January 2023. Ideas ranged from an enclosed dog park to pod swings, public art installations, a stage for events, and more.

What’s next: Shortly after plans were shared, city officials went back to the drawing board to consider possibilities like expanded sidewalks or a pedestrian plaza. It is unclear when Lakelanders will see Munn Park’s next iteration begin to take shape.

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The old Florida Citrus Mutual building at 411 E. Orange St.

Photo by LALtoday

Publix’s Information Technology campus

Background: Publix Super Markets recently acquired another building for its new technology campus in downtown Lakeland.

What’s next: Publix has requested to demolish the old Florida Citrus Mutual building at 411 E. Orange St. to make way for surface parking for IT campus employees. If approved, Publix would be responsible for further development. The public is invited to the City Commission meeting on Monday, Aug. 21 to hear and comment on Publix’s proposal before a commissioner vote.


Lakelanders can ride the open-air “Squeeze” shuttles for free.

Photo via Citrus Connection

The Squeeze

Background: The Squeeze launched in November 2021 as a pay-per-ride shuttle service in downtown Lakeland. At the time, it offered lunchtime and evening rides. Since then, the shuttle made rides free and was made available during evenings and special events only.

What’s next: The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority is considering relaunching lunchtime hours of operation from Wednesday to Friday this fall.

A three-story parking garage in downtown Lakeland

Did you know we have a whole guide to free parking in downtown Lakeland?

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Traffic and parking

Background: The City of Lakeland began conducting a public parking study in February 2023.

What’s next: City officials are planning to present the results of the parking study this fall. It is expected that the study will help inform decisions around potential changes to street parking, particularly those that would arise if the city chose to widen sidewalks around
Munn Park.

Pita Pit Lakeland, left, and Dissent Brewing, right, under the red awning in downtown Lakeland

Pita Pit and Dissent Brewing are closing soon after the building was sold.

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Local businesses

Background: We have a complete list of food and drink developments coming soon — for significant closures and acquisitions, keep reading.

What’s next: According to the team at Dissent Brewing, the building at 125 S. Kentucky Ave. has sold, causing Dissent and its next-door neighbor, Pita Pit, to close. Dissent will remain open until Sunday, Sept. 3. Pita Pit has not released a closing date yet, but you can check their social media for updates.

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