Get hungry for Catapult’s restaurant residency program

The program will allow food entrepreneurs to get the experience of running their own restaurants, while Lakelanders will get to try even more local food.

Two chefs cook barbecue in an industrial kitchen at Catapult

The team behind The Cultivated Pig will be the first to try the program.

Photo by Catapult

Get ready to meet your new favorite restaurant. Catapult will introduce its restaurant residency program this month, where members will get a chance to run their own full-scale concepts out of the kitchen space.

Consider this a win-win: Local food entrepreneurs will get the experience of running a real restaurant before venturing out to start their own, and Lakelanders can try out their menus along the way.

First up in the restaurant residency is The Cultivated Pig, which will serve dishes cooked over a live fire (think: brisket, sandwiches, pastrami, and more). The kitchen will be open for lunch + dinner, Wednesday-Saturday, starting Jan. 17.

Interested in starting your own restaurant? Learn more about becoming a member of Catapult’s Kitchen Incubator to connect with experts and get community support as you grow your food business.

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