Botany Cats: coming soon to Lakeland, FL


A visual of what you could be seeing at Botany Cats | Photo via @botany_cats

Picture this: you’re shopping for your next plant baby + fur baby all in one place. No, it isn’t a dream, it’s Botany Cats, a new small biz hoping to take off this year.

The mission of this up-and-coming business is to bring the first mobile cat lounge + plant nursery to Lakeland. Owner, founder, and animal expert Janette plans to house all of this in a converted bus full of houseplants and 4-6 kitties that traverse the Central Florida region to find forever homes for plant lovers + cat lovers, alike.


Owner of Botany Cats, Janette | Photo via @botany_cats

“My driving motivation in creating a cat adoption center is to find happy homes for lonely cats and free up space in our local shelters so that more feline wanderers can be taken off the streets,” Janette said. “Botany Cats will be a fun and meditative space where visitors can find their next love, be it feline or botanical, while learning how to best care for them.”

With a background in veterinary medicine, Janette plans to adopt the cats out of her bus to suitable adoptees, and the same goes for the plant babies. Presently, the mobile biz is in need of funding now that Botany Cats reached its lender goal + is currently 41% funded. Janette hopes to raise $3,500 to continue towards her small biz dream.


Meet Waverly | Photo via @botany_cats

With the funding, Janette hopes to purchase a school bus, half for a nursery + the other half for the cat lounge. Another goal of Botany Cats is to bring local cat + plant artwork to the bus to help support other small local businesses.

Janette says that “the decision to do business out of a converted school bus came from my love of community events such as the weekly market, First Friday, etc.; I wanted the flexibility to travel to the action and build relationships between vendors and patrons.”

To read more about Botany Cats or to contribute to the biz, click here.

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