Bonnet Springs Park’s $1,000,000 gift from Allen & Company

Allen & Company Family Lawn

The Allen & Company Lawn, facing the Florida Children’s Museum | Rendering provided by BSP

While we can’t offer you $1,000,000, we can offer you the gift of good news.

Bonnet Springs Park was recently gifted $1,000,000 to fund the Allen & Company Family Lawn, which is set to open at the park next year.

The gift comes from Allen & Company — an 85-year old boutique investment biz located right here in Lakeland — which has recently partnered with Bonnet Springs Park.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 12.09.13 PM

Quote via Michael Walker of Allen & Company about working with BSP | Graphic vis 6AM City

With the help of the corporate gift, the Allen & Company Family Lawn will look something like this:

  • A proper gathering space for visitors to utilize for family picnics, different events, and even a spot to relax.
  • Location-wise, the 2-acre lawn is situated between Franklin Family and Clyne Family Mountains, boasting available seating on the lawn itself as well as along the manmade “mountains.”
  • The lawn will hold around 5,000 people at a time.

Wondering what progress is looking like over at BSP? Check out our conversation with aerial images of the May 2021 update.

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