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Celebrating #15YearsinMotion with Bank of Central Florida

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Celebrate #15YearsInMotion. | Photo provided by Bank of Central Florida

March 19, 2007. That’s the day that Bank of Central Florida founder + CEO Paul Noris set up shop in the bank’s first downtown Lakeland office. His mission was simple: To empower small business owners and the community through relationship-based banking.

Since that historic Monday, they’ve expanded into Winter Haven, Plant City, Orlando + Tampa Bay, keeping two important values at the forefront:

💸 An ultra-personalized approach.

Noris explains: “When people would ask me, ‘What differentiates you from other banks?’ I would tell them, ‘You have my number.

💸 Hiring top talent.

Their expert bankers understand the local marketplace, provide one-on-one service, and change banking’s status quo.

Another thing that hasn’t changed? The outstanding relationships they strive to maintain with each + every client. When asked why he believes the bank has been so successful, Noris’s answer is simple: “We just try to do the right thing.”

Learn more about their wide-ranging personal + commercial services and browse their growth timeline on their website. 🏦*

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