Answered: Would you use an interactive map of Lakeland, FL?

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Photo via @eagle_8_wfla | Graphic via 6AM City

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Earlier this month, we asked if you would use an interactive map of Lakeland similar to Tampa Bay’s, which allows users to zoom in on specific locations and read building details. In addition to a slew of enthusiastic “yes!” emails, here’s what some of you had to say:

“An interactive map of Lakeland would be a great idea to market Lakeland to visitors and maybe attract new business.” Reader Melissa C.

“Love it!!” — Reader Christine W.

“Yes, I would use Lakeland’s interactive map if you made one.”Reader Jamie Z.

“Yes! I would use it!!!” Reader Joy P.

“Great idea. I think a 3 dem. Interaction map would be great for the downtown Lakeland area.”Reader Neal P.


Tampa Bay’s interactive map | Screenshot via Visit Tampa Bay

In addition to the interactive map, the website also features user-friendly tools that help residents and visitors navigate Tampa’s amenities, such as “Things to Do,” “Stay,” and “Food + Drink.”


What users see in the “Things to Do” drop-down menu | Screenshot via Visit Tampa Bay

So, what might this look like for Lakeland? Picture this: a 3D digital rendering of Lakeland’s downtown buildings, Lakeside Village, and the retail scene on Lakeland’s north side that you can use yourself or share with your out-of-town guests. Curious about a building you’ve never been in before? Simply give it a click and read about its purpose, owners, history, and more.