6AM Rewards and Referral Program

Introducing 6AM Rewards: LALtoday's Referral + Rewards Program

Introducing 6AM Rewards: LALtoday’s Referral + Rewards Program | Graphic by LALtoday

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If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ve likely seen our OG referral program where a number of referrals earned you a free product. Maybe you’re sipping from your free coffee mug right now, thanks to 10 of your favorite people.

During this past year, our entire team at 6AM City grew and expanded into 24 cities nationwide. This incredible growth has led to some big changes — and we’re excited to finally share what has been a labor of love, sweat, and just a few tears from our marketing team...

6AM Rewards has officially launched!

How exactly does 6AM Rewards work?

For starters, as a subscriber of the daily newsletter, you were awarded 250 points just for signing up. You could stop there, or you could keep earning points in even more ways. Read more on all of that below:

Sign up + sign in

The email in which you receive LALtoday’s newsletters is already connected to 6AM Rewards. To access your account and start redeeming those points, create a unique password by selecting “Join now” on the rewards page.

Earn points

We’ve made it easy for you to rack up rewards and cash in points on LALtoday swag from The 6AM Shop. You can earn points by:

👫 Referring your friends to the newsletter with your unique share link
👍 Liking @6AMCity on social media
💰 Shopping at the 6AM Shop, where every $1 = 5 points
🎉 Celebrating your birthday
And more.

Cash in your points

Redeeming your points is easy. Visit your account in The 6AM Shop or 6AM Rewards page to see which rewards you have enough points to redeem.

Don’t worry — all your previous referrals from our beta program are still there and accounted for. Each referral previously made has been converted to 100 points. (For example, if you had 4 referrals, you were rewarded with 400 points. Add that on top of the 250 points for being a subscriber and you would have a total of 650 points!)

We understand change can be scary or hard sometimes. Send us any of your questions or feedback about the updated reward and referral program to Hello@LALtoday.com.

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