Therapy pets and programs in Lakeland, FL

Sophie on the job at Florida Southern College

Sophie on the job at Florida Southern College | Photo via @flososophie & @fsccounselingcenter

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s look at a particularly pawsome type of therapy: Pet therapy.

Pet therapy refers to when dogs, or sometimes other animals, help people cope with health problems, and that’s why you’ll often find these four-legged helpers at college campuses, hospitals + nursing homes.

For the days that get a little ruff, we rounded up some of Lakeland’s resident pet therapists + pet therapy programs.

Koda the Fluff

Koda the Fluff poses with healthcare workers

Koda visiting the Lakeland Regional Health Staff | Photo via @koda_the_fluff

Koda, aka KODA the Fluff, can be spotted in her red convertible + cool shades, bringing smiles to the Lakeland and Polk County community. While Koda currently has no Lakeland appearances scheduled in the coming weeks, you can have her pay your team a visit through this link.

Therapy Dog Lexi

Lexi, well-known among Southeastern students, is a golden retriever serving the Central Florida area. Lexi and her owner Carolyn Burnett used to spend their days on the Southeastern University campus, but now she’s off to other therapeutic ventures. Lexi is also a member of the Paws for Friendship organization, where therapy pups pay visits to schools and libraries.

Therapy Dog Sophie

Sophie, aka the Canine Counselor, hangs out at the counseling center at Florida Southern College to help students seeking counseling services feel more comfortable. Sophie has also been known to pop in at events around campus, making friends wherever she goes.

Paws To Read

Third graders at Elbert, Dundee + Inwood Elementary Schools get weekly visits from The Humane Society of Polk County’s resident therapy dogs as part of the Paws to Read program. Students get to practice reading aloud to dogs Ally, Sadie, Sophie, Tebow, Timmy + Trooper to gain confidence in their reading abilities. The Humane Society hopes to bring their therapy pups to other Polk elementary schools.

Therapy Dogs at Lakeland Regional Health

Lakeland Regional Health has a pet therapy program that certified therapy pets can volunteer to be a part of. Dogs like Tucker, a Samoyed breed dog, give the team at Lakeland Regional moral support.

Think your four-legged friend would be the perfect pet for therapy? Visit Alliance of Therapy Dogs to learn more + apply to join.

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