Lakeland vs. Everybody: How a Detroit slogan came to Swan City

Have you seen this phrase on t-shirts lately? Learn how it started in Detroit, MI and how you can get your own tee to rep your city.

A man wears a black t-shirt that reads "Lakeland vs. Everybody, Welcome Back Tigers" in white lettering. He also wears a Detroit Tigers baseball cap and stands in front of a Tigers baseball banner on a wall.

Show off your pride in place with these tees.

Photo by @eastofthese

Lakeland may be nearly 1,000 miles from Detroit, MI, but the Detroit Tigers have forged a strong connection between the two cities that goes beyond baseball. Have you seen the phrase “Lakeland vs. Everybody” on t-shirts around town recently? You can thank Michigan for that, too.

The design is a play on “Detroit vs. Everybody,” a movement begun by a t-shirt brand more than 10 years ago to inspire Detroiters. With nearly 26% of our snowbird readers hailing from Michigan, it’s no surprise that some of its traditions have made their way down south.

Whether you’re a Detroit snowbird, a Tigers fan, or a local, you can get your own shirt from East of These. Shop online or catch this biz at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market on Saturdays, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. to shop in person.

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