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Look inside three new modern homes in Lakeland

We visited the construction site of three uniques homes in Lakeland’s Paul A. Diggs neighborhood to learn about the inspiration behind their design.

A rendering showing a black and white home with a modern butterfly roof design

Would you live in a house with this unique design?

Rendering provided by Elon Wright

Who says all homes have to look the same? That’s what home builder Franklin Cruz asked when designing three houses in Lakeland’s Paul A. Diggs neighborhood. We stopped by the construction site for an inside look at the homes and to learn what inspired them.

A builder and editor standing inside of a home under construction. Building materials are scattered across the wood-framed room.

City Editor Rilee stands in what will soon be the primary bathroom.

Photo by LALtoday

Each one is topped with a butterfly roof, meaning the roof slopes downward to a point in the center (a design popular in midcentury modern architecture). These two-story houses will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus a one-car garage. The inside of the houses will be expansive, with soaring ceilings up to 17 feet high. Coming in at 1,280 sqft, the starting cost for the first complete home will be $320,000.

A home under construction with crews working on the roof

Elon Wright crews were hard at work on the signature butterfly roof.

Photo by LALtoday

Franklin is no stranger to the real estate investment business. After years in the field, he decided to get into construction with his own company, Elon Wright (named after two of his inspirations: Elon Musk and Frank Lloyd Wright). He built his first home for Habitat for Humanity on Vermont Avenue before working on these homes on West 13th and 14th streets.

A builder's hand pointing at the blueprints for two homes under construction

Franklin’s inspired ideas can be found in the blueprints for the homes.

Photo by LALtoday

The inspiration behind the unique design of the homes comes from Franklin’s desire to change up the construction scene — and these homes are anything but cookie-cutter. You can see the impact of Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique architecture style infused in each home he’s designed.

The back of a home under construction. It is wrapped in Lowe's house wrap before siding is added.

You can get a better look at the roof from the backyard area.

Photo by LALtoday

The first of these three homes at 720 W. 14th Ave. is expected to be complete in the next few weeks. Franklin’s crew will then start on the second and third homes at 716 W. 14th Ave. and 717 W. 13th Ave., respectively.

What’s next for Elon Wright? Franklin teased a full neighborhood he wants to construct elsewhere in Lakeland. We can feel the anticipation building.

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