Polk Museum of Art’s $6 million expansion + renovation

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The renderings of the museum’s expansion | Via Straughn Trout Architects

$6 million. That’s how much an expansion of Polk Museum of Art will cost. The news broke on Feb. 22 that the museum will face both a renovation and expansion for more exhibition space and educational experiences.

The expansion is currently scheduled to occur in 2023 and will add over 10,000 sqft to the 34-year old building. This space will feature a gallery, classroom, and art laboratory. The main building will feature renovations to its facade, plus new flooring, updated galleries along the second floor, classrooms, and spaces for offices.


The renderings of the museum’s expansion | Via Straughn Trout Architects

In the past, the museum was only able to feature a limited selection of pieces of art at any time. Upon the completion of the renovations and expansion, the spot will triple its exhibition space, allowing more room for additional exhibits and collections.

On top of the cosmetic updates, the museum, in partnership with Florida Southern College, will offer opportunities for students like internships, volunteer opportunities, and other groups to assist in professional development before graduation.

The work is slated to take roughly one year and should wrap up in the spring of 2024.

Want to enjoy the museum now? Enjoy upcoming events like After Hours at the Museum on March 3 or the upcoming “Crash Course: Toward a More Inclusive Modern Art History” on March 10, which you can read more about here.

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