Pipkin Rd.'s 2-year expansion project, Lakeland, FL

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 4.30.20 PM

Expansion from Medulla Rd. to S. Florida Ave. | Screenshot via Google Maps

$49,000,000. That’s how much Polk County is expected to pay to expand Pipkin Rd. The city of Lakeland will also contribute $6,000,000 towards the project.

The widening will affect a 3.8 mile stretch in South Lakeland from Medulla Rd. to S. Florida Ave., with construction kicking off in August. The project is expected to take 2-years to complete, which, will impact travelers and increase congestion on the affected roads.

With the expansion comes additional lanes on W. Pipkin Rd., which will transform from a 2-lane road to a 4-lane road from Medulla Rd. to Old Hwy. 37. Additionally, 3-lanes will be coming from Old Hwy. 37 to S. Florida Ave.

The overall project is part of the county’s $450,000,000 5-year capital improvement wish list.

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