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Two new housing developments in Lakeland, FL

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The two developments bookend Lakeland’s north + south side. | Map via Proxi Maps

With Lakeland being one of the nation’s fastest-growing mid-sized metro areas, it’s no surprise that housing is a hot topic. In last week’s Polk County Planning Commission meeting, the commission approved two new developments — 233 units in total — in the Lakeland area.

Single-family homes

A 32-acre subdivision at the corner of D R Bryant Road and Park Byrd Road (near Socrum Loop Road) was approved with a 4-2 vote. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect:

  • 128 units
  • 79 50-ft-wide lots
  • 49 70-ft-wide lots
  • ~4 units per acre
  • 5-ft setbacks (that’s the distance from the structure to the property line) at each property’s side and 10-ft setbacks at each property’s rear
  • Landscape and fencing buffers between the development and existing residences

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Multi-family units

Bless Vistas LLC purchased the property in between two of its own previously approved developments. In last week’s Polk County Planning Commission meeting, the developer requested to combine the newly acquired parcel with the two existing in-progress developments to create one project.

The previous projects included a 3.4-acre, 55-unit multi-family development, and a 2.63-acre,29-unit multifamily development. With the newly purchased 1.02 acres, Bless Vistas LLC plans to build 105 multi-family units in total on the 7.05-acre property.